Bridge Over River

Discovery Coaching Sessions

All discovery sessions are free and last 30 minutes. They give you an opportunity to find out more about how Verity can help you more forward. 



Verity has a truly supportive and empowering approach to coaching and mental health and wellbeing. Her focused support has enabled me to identify and build on my strengths and personal resources whilst working in an extremely difficult and time pressured environment

Ben, PHE

The realisation that my life could look however I wanted would have been daunting without Verity's support. She maintained a mix of sympathy, support and challenge to help me set positive boundaries, work out what I really wanted and how I was going to get it.

Jen, Independent Educational Inclusion Specialist

Verity helped me to identify, articulate and most importantly over come several personal challenges that were holding me back professionally. I am now a confident business woman and successful artist. I have come a long way thanks to Verity's coaching and am proud to have worked with her.

Sam James, Professional Artist


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